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I am a life long native of Florida with a background in teaching. As a Florida licensed cosmetologist I have worked in the cosmetology industry in Florida for more than two decades, I am a trained educator, and have taught countless numbers of students for a large Central Florida Entertainment Corporation for 10 years. During which time I created training documentation and learning materials and was involved with the innovation and advancement of Web based training programs geared toward making learning fun for the companyís cast members. I have an extensive knowledge in the production of easy to understand educational materials directed to make learning technical information effortless without being boring.

After Florida law makers passed the law that requires cosmetologistís, nail specialist's and facial specialistís to earn 16 hours of continued education to qualify for license renewal I became motivated to combined my cosmetology background, my teaching skills and my Web based training program development experience together to create the same high quality learning experience for Florida cosmetologist, nail specialty registration (nail technician), and facial specialty registration (esthetician), in this comprehensive, user-friendly computer assisted training program.

I am dedicated to maintaining the quality and the affordability of the programs I produce and will continue to make improvements to guarantee our programs educational value and preserve our position as leader in the industry. I have worked hard to craft the now two comprehensive 16-hour state approved continuing education programs. All who choose Florida Cosmetology Educators Online to supply their required training for license renewal will gain the value of my hard work.

I am also committed to providing excellent customer service and support to each and every customer who chooses my courses and programs. I provide service for all customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, even on holidays. Phones are answered 24 / 7. There are many continuing education companies on the market, but try calling one you either don't get an answer or if you do get a live person, they are just someone hired to answer the phone, and not the company provider. Florida Cosmetology Educators Online is the only company where you can call and speak to the provider and get accurate and knowledgeable first hand information. Give it a try, call us after hours, on the weekend, or a holiday and we can prove it to you, the provider is avaiable to answer your questions.

There is much more involved than just the course and the test. Meeting your continuing education requirements vary from renewal period to renewal period and can be different depending on an individualís license status and license expiration date. With years of experience as a licensed provider of cosmetology training courses, it has become possible for me to filter through the huge amount of information involving license renewal for you so you don't have too, and provide programs and specific information that meet your specific needs. What may be otherwise complicated to licensees trying to meet their requirements I have now made familiar and easy to understand, done so by using the online computer assisted training made available to you on this Web site. Our staff is knowledgeable and courteous and is looking forward to helping out with any questions or needs you may encounter. The staff has received years of customer service training and development from a Benchmark customer service giant known for treating their customers like guest. The staff is eager to assist and exceed your expectations in service and support and will make your experience a comfortable and smooth process.

The state only approves programs, which demonstrates the level of quality mandatory for state approval. All programs offered on this Web site have been granted approval from the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. The courses offered on this Web site are current valid and have been approved by the proper licensing board. We do not offer course that have expired or that have not been granted state approval. We are licensed by the state to offer the courses that are posted on this web site, and each course that is found on this Web site can be verified as current and valid by contacting the Florida Board of Education and Testing at the Florida DBPR. We offer license renewal courses, for Florida cosmetologists, Facial Specialist's, Nail Specialist, Barbers, and Hair Braiders, Hair Wrappers and Body Wrappers. All of our license renewal programs are comprehensive and meet all of the state requirements for credit hours as well as course topics and sub topics making license holders whom successfully complete the program eligible to renew their Florida license or registration. One course covers everything needed to renew your license. There is no need to complete multiple courses to make sure you get all your requirements covered. Our programs are designed to eliminate your need to figure out what you need, we do that for you.

We also offer courses for Cosmetologist's, Facial Specialit's, Nail Specialistís, Barbers, and Braider and Wrappers who are applying to be granted a Florida license. Persons that are applying for a Florida license for the first time, persons who are moving to Florida from another state and want to get a Florida license based on their license from another state and persons that were previously licensed in Florida but whose license expired and then became null and void and are wanting to regain a Florida license can complete our 4-hour HIV/AIDS course approved for initial licensure. All courses are valid, and have been granted state approval.

It is a little know fact that licensed providers of continuing education under the board of cosmetology have 30 calendar days to send an electronic report to the state of Florida for participants that successfully complete a course. We not only do not take 30 calendar days to send electronic reports for our customers, we don't even take one day. We are the only company providing Cosmetology and Barber continuing education in Florida that sends electronic reports for our customers immediately upon completion and payment of our renewal courses. We are the only provider company that send electronic reports for our course participants immediately! Why? Because that is what the participant wants and often times needs.

Our two courses cost less than other courses on the market of itís kind allowing licensees to earn all of your continued education credits by the completion of one program, to get their certificate of completion immediately after successful completion, and the guarantee of a ďsame day electronic course of completion reportĒ will be sent on your behalf to notify the state that you have completed all of your continuing education requirements and are eligible to renew your license or registration, and be eligible for license renewal. And don't forget around the clock 24/7 expert customer service. So you don't need to go anywhere else to get your education requirements satisfied because you will not get a better price and our customer service cannot be beat. The best customer service at the lowest price is guaranteed.

If you are applying for a Florida Cosmetology License or a Florida Facial or Nail Specialty Registration, this is the state approved 4 hour HIV/AIDS pre-license training course that you need! Completion of 4-hours of state approved HIV/AIDS training is a required part of the application process to become a licensed Florida salon professional. Whether you are applying for a Florida cosmetology license, or a facial specialty or nail specialty registration for the first time, after completing beauty school or whether you are applying for a Florida license the for first time but you are actively licensed in another state and want a Florida license as well, or whether you have previously held a Florida cosmetology license, facial specialty or nail specialty registration, and are re-applying because your Florida license or registration is no longer valid and it has become null and void, you need to complete this course, print the certificate of course completion, and mail it in with your license application packet. The successful completion of this state approved 4-hour HIV/AIDS salon-training course gives you immediate access to the certificate of course completion you are required to submit to the state when applying for a Florida cosmetology license, nail specialty registration, or facial specialty registration. And because you can print your certificate of course completion just as soon as you successfully complete the online quiz, application deficiencies caused by incorrect course certificate issues, can be corrected the same day. With this course we also provide a follow up email containing detailed information on the application process, tips on what you can do to shorten your license processing time, instructions on completing the application forms, and the link needed to print the particular type of application you need for your specific license application circumstance i.e., transfer, graduating student, previously licensed, cosmetologist, nail tech or esthetician.

Thank you for selecting Cosmetology Continuing Education Online as your continuing education provider. We are looking forward to serving you for the 2010 renewal period and in the years to come. As always should you have any questions or need additional information about the course, please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or you can give us a call any time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the number posted on our Contact Us information web page.

Just thought you would like to know we respect your privacy and promise to never sell your information to commercial data vendors or solicitors. Our site is encrypted and the credit card and electronic check forms are processed on a secured site. You will never have a problem with payments on our site.