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If you are applying for a Florida Cosmetology License or a Florida Facial or Nail Specialty Registration, this is the state approved 4 hour HIV/AIDS pre-license training course that you need! Completion of 4-hours of state approved HIV/AIDS training for the Florida salon professional is a required part of the application process. If applying for the first time or if your Florida license or registration has become null and void and you are applying again, you need to complete this course, print the certificate of course completion, and mail it in with your application documentation. The successful completion of this state approved 4-hour HIV/AIDS salon training course gives you instant access to the certificate you need for your application. As part of the $53.50, you not only get the fastest, easiest, and most convenient method you will find to meet your application education requirements, but we also provide access to all of the necessary forms, along with detailed information about how to complete the application, and information on what and how long you can expect the process to take. Instant certificate, detailed instructions, answers to all of your questions, and assistance with the application process every step of the way, makes this the best choice for your licensing or registration needs.

INSTRUCTIONS AND TIPS: To successfully complete this course and earn the certificate of completion that must accompany your application documentation when you submit your application for a license you must pass the post course test with a 75% or better score. This is a pass/fail test and specific scores are not retained in your records, only that you passed is all that is recorded. It is helpful to know the post course test is an open book test, meaning you are allowed to look at the questions before you study the training material, for this reason it is recommended that you open the online test below and read through the test questions before you begin reading the study material. You can open the online test by clicking on the yellow button below labeled "Click Here to Open Online Quiz". You are not required to pay or register your information until you successfully complete the online test so if you do not pass the test you are able to retake it without additional cost. You can sample the test before you decide to choose this course as well, so feel free to give it a no risk try.

To restart the test and begin again when you are ready to take the test for credit or if you do not pass the test can either pressing the F5 button on your computer keyboard, which is generally above your number 5 or 6 button, or you can restart the test by pressing the refresh or reload icon on your web browser tool bar. The refresh icon is the two apposing arrows one going up and one going down.   Clicking refresh reloads the test page and allows you to start the test over.

After opening and reviewing the online quiz questions, click on the open book icon below to open the course study booklet. Having reviewed the online quiz questions before you begin reading the course training booklet will make the anwsers to the quiz questions easier to find as you read through the course training booklet. Click on the red PDF/Open Book icon found below to open the course training booklet.

When you complete the learning assessments with a passing score of 75% or better a web page will open notifying you that you have passed and will contain instructions about the information that you must provide on the payment form. Read the instructions so that you give the information needed to process your course completion records. Continue to the payment form by clicking on the link provided. After paying for the program you will be able to create and print your certificate of completion instantly online. Simply follow the easy step-by-step directions.

It is important that you return to your email inbox of the email address that you give on the payment form approximately an hour after completing and paying for the course to find, open and read the conformation email we will be sending you after we process your course completion records. That email will contain a back up certificate of course completion that you need to save on your computer hard drive and it will confirm that your records have been processed. The follow up email will also contain helpful information that will assist you in saving time and work with the application process.

If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader you will need to download it and install
it on you computer. It is free and you can find it by clicking on this Get Acrobat Reader icon.


Please Read Our Company Exchange/Refund Policy:
100% REFUND: We refund 100% of the charges for course fees paid for any course not applicable toward fulfilling the Florida license education requirements of the course participant, when we were contacted for instructions and we directed the participant to complete a course that was the wrong course for what their education requirements are.

EXCHANGE: Course fees paid by persons who chose the wrong course without consulting us first, will be applied toward the completion of the correct course after the correct course is completed through our company if done within 15 calendar days. We welcome phone calls and emails from persons that need to know the correct course they should take.

Click here to read our entire Company 15 Day Refund/Exchange Policy.