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There is always a chance that the law and the requirements for license renewal will change before the next time you need to renew your license. In fact the chances are higher that they will change than not. As a state approved provider of continuing education we keep up with the law, and the requirements for license renewal. Bookmark our website by clicking on the "Favorites" icon on your web browser toolbar. Visit us periodically to stay up with the most current information regarding Florida Cosmetology license renewal. This way if the Florida law makers increase the number of hours required to earn your eligibility for license renewal you wont find yourself in a pinch to get it done on time.

We know how busy you are and how difficult it is to get accurate information by word of mouth. Your license and your career are certainly not something to trust to hear say. For this reason we will soon be adding a "License Renewal Newsletter" to our website. We are offering to send the newsletter free of charge to those who are interested in receiving it. We will send the newsletter only if you choose to receive it, and only on a quarterly basis or when there is a substantial change in laws that will affect you directly. So you needn't be concerned about getting swamped with annoying publications. We are confidant that you will find the newsletter helpful and that it permits you to effortlessly intercept factual information, which will impact your decision making with regards to your career and your schedule.

You may select to have the newsletter emailed to you or we will be happy to send it by U.S. mail. We will keep up with the latest breaking changes in the law for you, so you can be accurately informed well in advance. Receiving current and accurate information without being inundated by advertisements will allow you to rest comfortably until it becomes time to decide on a course of action. You may then confidently make the decisions, which are best for you.

Our newsletter will be particularly helpful for people that maintain an active license yet are not currently working in a salon or may even be living out side of the state of Florida.

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