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4-hr HIV






4 hour HIV/AIDS Course for persons applying for a florida cosmetology license
This course is a required part of the Florida cosmetology, nail or facial license application
The Florida 16-HR continuing education course to renew a Florida cosmetology, nail facial and full specialty license
This course is a required part of the Florida cosmetology, nail or facial license application

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This course is approved for cosmetology, nail, facial and full specialty license renewal
This course meets all education requirements to renew a Florida cosmetology, nail facial or full specialty license

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Barbers License Application Course Online and Barbers License Renewal Course
Complete the required 2-hour HIV/AIDS course so you can renew your Florida Barbers
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This is the board approved HIV/AIDS course that must be completed as part of a Florida barbers application

This course is for persons applying for a Florida barbers, or has a null and void barber license.

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Florida License Renewal

Cosmetology Continuing Education

An Approved Provider for The State of Florida Board of Cosmetology and The Florida Barbers Board

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        Now Offering Continuing Education Courses Approved by the Ohio Board of Cosmetology for License Renewal (CLICK HERE FOR OHIO CONTINUING EDUCATION )

Florida Cosmetology License Renewal Requirements

This course meets all required state regulations and qualifies you to renew your license! It is approved to renew the following four license types: Florida cosmetology license, Florida facial specialty license (esthetician), Nail specialty license, and Full specialty license.

All licensed cosmetologist and registered specialist shall complete a minimum of sixteen (16) hours of Continuing Education which shall include, at minimum, all of the following subjects as they relate to the practice of cosmetology:

  • A minimum of two (2) hours of instruction regarding HIV/AIDS & other communicable diseases.

  • A minimum of three (3) hours of instruction regarding Sanitation and Sterilization.

  • A minimum of one (1) hour of instruction regarding Occupational Safety and Health Administration Regulations.

  • A minimum of one (1) hour of instruction regarding issues of Workers' Compensation as they pertain to Florida law.

  • A minimum of two (2) hours of instruction regarding State and Federal Laws and Rules as they pertain to cosmetologist, cosmetology, salons, specialists, specialty salons, and booth renters; specifically including but not limited to Chapter 477, F.S., and the Rules of the Board.

  • A minimum of two (2) hours of instruction regarding Chemical Makeup as pertains to hair, skin and nails.

  • A minimum of one (1) hour of instruction regarding Environmental Issues.

  • A minimum of four (4) hours of Elective Continuing Education to be composed of additional instruction in any of the courses approved by the State of Florida for the purpose of Continuing Education.

If your license expired in 2009 it turned null and void November 1, 2011. You cannot renew a null and void license. But if you act fast you may be able to re-apply and get a new license. If you wait, and laws are passed to increase the number of training hourse required to be licensed you will not be able to get a new license by applying. Click here to learn more......