If your license has become null and void, you are running out of time fast, you need to act now or lose it forever!

If your license is null and void this is important Information You Should Know!


If you have a Florida cosmetology license, or a Florida Full specialty, Facial Specialty or a Nail Specialty registration that has become null and void and you don't want to lose it forever, you need to read this page. We have been assisting people with getting their license returned to them for years so we know exactly what has to be done to get a new license. You need to know that a null and void license is at risk of becoming unrecoverable. Changes in the law can block you from re-applying to get a new license until you go back to school and earn extra hours of training. We can help you get the license back if you act now. If you have any questions about what you need to do after reading this page please give us a call, we are happy to help, and we will make it easy, fast to get a new license because that is what we go. Take advantage of our expertise so you can regain your license before it is too late. It will only cost you about $100.00 for everything. Our number is posted at the bottom of this page and on our contact page on this web site.

If you would rather have us explain it to you, or you have questions you would like to ask and you are thinking that you don't want to lose your license forever you should call us. We will be happy to explain everything you need to know about changes in the laws and what you need to do. There is no question we can't answer. We make a complicated process so simple. We guide you through the process, and provide you with everything you need to get it done in about an hour. We specialize is assisting persons who have lost their license to a null and void status to get their license again. We take out the guess work and make it fast and easy saving you lots of time and lots of headaches.

License If you have a Florida License that has expired for two or more years then your license has become null and void. A null and void license is the same as not having a license at all. Null and void license cannot be renewed but if you act now you can get a new license by based on your previous license.

It is important that you know that if you don't want to lose your chance to get a new license you need to get it done now. Although for nearly two decades persons whose Florida cosmetology license, or facial specialty license, or nail specialty license, have been able to get there license back by applying for a new license that is soon to change.

Florida lawmakers passed laws in 2008 to increase the hours of training required to get a cosmetology license to 1800 hours, and to get a nail specialty license to 350 hours and to get a facial specialty license to 600 hours. And Full specialty is the combination of the nail and facial license. This law was passed and was scheduled to go into effect on July 1, 2008. The only reason that this law did not become effective was because Charlie Crist, the governor at that time, vetoed the law. Stopping it, at least for then, from becoming law.

If the governor did not veto the law persons whose license was null and void at that time, and persons license that became null and void after that time would not be able to re-apply and get a new license. Had the governor not vetoed the bill persons with a null and void license would be required to return to school for hundreds of additional hours, and school is more expensive that ever.

Mr. Charlie Crist is no longer our governor here in Florida, and the group that were behind pushing the laws through to increase the training hours to be license in Florida for the above three license types are meet each legislative period in Tallahassee to try to get the laws passed again. The group that pushed for higher hours in 2008 will be seeking to increases the hours again, and will until they get the laws passed and the governor doesn't veto them.

Anyone with a null and void license is always at risk of not being able to regain a new license. If you have a null and void Florida license in any of the four above mentioned license types you need to act now. If the laws change, and they already have before, you will lose the license and not be able to regain it unless you can shell out the money and sacrifice the time to go back to school.

Do not worry about not knowing what to do, and do not tell yourself that it will be too complicated because you don't know how to go about it. You don't need to know what to do. We will walk you through the process step by step; all you need to do is take the online quiz that you will find by clicking here. Then when you are finished with the quiz you pay your course fees, and print the certificate for the course, you will need the certificate to get your license, so be sure to print it. Then go back to your email inbox about 30 minutes after you print your certificate and you will find our email. That email will contain links to print your application, instructions on how to complete the process, and a phone number that you can call any time of the day or night for further instructions or if you need assistance or if you have questions about the instructions.

License We have been helping Florida licensees regain their license from a null and void status for over a decade. We know exactly what you have to do and we can make it so easy for you that you wont believe that it could have been so painless and simple. All you have to do is follow the instructions that we provide for you here and in the follow up email that we send you immediately after you pass, pay, and print your certificate. We want you to get your license back; we are here to help you in any way you need to get that license back before it is too late. If you have had even a remote idea that you may want to get them back you should go ahead and do it. The entire process is only round $90.00, for everything, a fraction of the cost of returning to school to get the additional hours that will be required once the lawmakers pass laws to increase the training.

Governor Crist veto cosmetology law requiring additional training to get cosmetology license You don't need to take our word for it. I don't believe every thing I hear or read and you shouldn't either, we want you to know that we are serious about this issue. To see for yourself all you need to do is Click Here, and you can view the official veto by Charlie Crist in 2008. This is not a sales pitch, for you to buy our course, yes you need our course to get your license back as the law requires that you complete specific HIV/AIDS training as part of regaining your license, our primary objective is to help as many people as we can get there license back as quickly as we can before the lawmakers push these laws through again and the current governor doesn't veto them. These lawmakers are expected to work at passing the laws again March, April, and May of 2013. They are working on getting these laws passed right now, and by July 1, 2013, it could be too late for null and void license holders.

Here is how you get started, Click Here to open the Web page where you can access our board approved 4 Hour HIV/AIDS Salon Awareness course. You don't register until you pay so you can open the course and quiz without spending your money first. The state law makes this an open book test, that means you are permitted to open the quiz and read the questions before you begin reading the course booklet. You don't pay until you successfully pass the quiz so if you don't pass the quiz you can repeat it as many times as needed at no additional charge. The quiz instructions tell you how to restart the quiz. Complete the online quiz on that page to pass the course. Do not make a mistake and take the wrong HIV/AIDS course. The board passes many HIV/AIDS courses but they only accept an HIV/AIDS course for the application process that have been approved for exactly that. The course that you will find at this link is board approved specifically to meet the requirements of persons applying for a license. Once you pass the quiz, pay and print the certificate and then return to your email inbox about 15 minutes later and open our email. The email that we will send you will have everything you need to apply for a new license, you don't need to search around for your application that you need, you don't have to figure anything out, you don't even have to think, we do it all for you. The email will have a link to print your correct application, detailed step by step, easy to read instructions, and contact information so you can call the company provider directly should you have any questions or need help.


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