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Begining June 22, 2012 we will be offering the 16-hour course to become licensed as a Florida hair braider. Please return at that time to take our course you will find it easy, and informative.

Course Title:

"16 hour Florida Hair Braider Registration Program"

State Required Subject Area :     Total Course Credit Hours: 16

This course has been approved by the Florida Board of Cosmetology. It is vaild and it is current. Completing this course earns you the license to practice hair braiding in Florida. It includes all mandatory course subjects for you to earn your license. Once you complete this course you will be able to print the certificate that you need to include with your application for a Florida Hair Braider license.

Do not take this course if:
If you are already a licensed hair braider. You should not take this course if you are not wanting to become a licensed hair braider in Florida. This course is not for license renewal of a cosmetology license or a nail tech license or a facial license. This course is Only to become licensed as a Florida Hair Braider and for no other purpose. .